Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The 'Wow' wedding dress!

The Royal wedding has got us all thinking about weddings, probably more than normal. I know for me I am so looking forward to seeing Kate Middleton’s dress.
For any bride the dress is the most precious part of the day, this is the dress that you will spend the most money on and the dress that you want to feel the best you have ever felt.
Feel confident underneath it all, never underestimate the power of sexy underwear, there’s nothing like wearing beautiful lingerie to make you feel like a million dollars.
There are beautiful dresses to suit all body shapes and personalities, The secret to looking great whatever size you are is to enhance the bits you like about your body.
For example, if you have well toned arms, beautiful shoulders and neck then don’t just go for a typical strapless style; draw attention to this area by choosing a dress with an unusual neckline or a halter neck style for instance.
 Here are my expert views on dresses/bridal outfits that will suit various ladies who are ‘tying the knot’
The mature bride If you are a mature bride you are probably looking for a wedding dress style that not only you will look fantastic in but that you will feel comfortable wearing.
You more than likely want a little more coverage in a bridal gown than a younger bride, yet you don’t want to look frumpy.
I would recommend a Strapless Dress Alternatives maybe something with straps, short or long sleeves. There are some super dresses on the market that are sleeveless and a cap sleeve bridal gowns would be perfect. The Strapless dress will look more sophisticated with a higher neckline but do be careful as this style will not suit the ‘Top Heavy’ body shape. This style of dress can be teamed with a wrap or a jacket
Necklines like V- necklines, sweetheart, and some halter necklines are acceptable.
More streamline silhouettes, like a sheath or medium full a-line or princess line.
Shorter trains like a chapel or sweep, or no train at all.
Non-traditional wedding dresses such as  short dress or a bridal suits

For the second time bride the dress will still be a very important part of her day and her options are wider as she can choose a completely different style/colour from the first time around. Ivory, champagne, and ecru are all more appropriate colours, and they will also tend to look more sophisticated
Again, depending on personality a simple lined, yet classy dress with little fuss would be stunning.
A second time bride in a white wedding dress is no longer a scandalous spectacle but are there any rules regarding second time wedding dress etiquette?
Very full princess style bridal gowns tend to make an older second time bride look too much like "mutton dressed as lamb". It would be much better to select a chic style of gown that requires a certain elegance and sophistication to carry off, the type of style that a young bride couldn't dream of wearing as well as a more mature one
A simple piece of hair jewellery, such as a crystal or pearl comb, is all the ornament that should be worn on the bride's head. Her bridal necklace, earrings, and bracelet can be in any style that she likes, as long as it is not the same set that she wore for the first wedding

The non traditional bride
For these brides you can play with bold colours, for example red, or a dress that may be completely sequinned or choose a dress style to suit your personality and follow a theme you may have decided on for your special day ie; the swinging 60’s or a western theme
For the non traditional you can also opt for a short dress rather than full length with no tiara or train but you may choose long gloves which can create a theatrical look and team it with a shrug.

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