Wednesday, 30 March 2011

ZIMS, the signature mens shoe

I am so pleased to be able to tell you about this fabulous new MEN's brand of shoes, for all you ladies these are a must have for your men and for you just must have a pair of these!

ZIMS are an outer shell of soft leather or suede, lined in fine leather, and designed in an appealing range of natural colours. Each shoe is handmade by skilled shoemakers, who take great pride in their work from the cutting of the leather to the careful stitching, all contributing to the quality and durability of ZIMS.

Whatever your personality – keep it natural or make a statement- there is a pair of ZIMS for everyone. What I love about these shoes are the fact that they will add interest to any outfit. It is so unusual to see a man in coloured shoes that this is a revelation and a wonderful one at that!
Men's bottom half is usually a block deep colour so these shoes will complement perfectly.

ZIMS are robust and practical and are great in the heat (they are designed to be worn with or without socks) but durable enough for more temperamental British weather!

ZIMS are available in the following colours: - Red Pepper, Marino, Jeans, Khaki, Mushroom, Setter, Cinnamon, Soft Sand and Cassis.

The brand ethos is to create footwear for laid back living with style and quality at its heart.
Light, flexible and breathable, fully lined in leather, with a soft padded insole, range of footwear that can take you from a walk along the beach, a woodland wander to a stylish evening out. ZIMS are designed to be worn casually – a comfortable fit with or without socks.

ZIMS are available exclusively online at and are priced at £69.

I really hope you like this gorgeous brand, let me know your thoughts


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Mens Shoes said...

It's like what I've just saw in Cinderella movies wearing by a prince.

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