Sunday, 23 January 2011

What body shape are you?

We all have the ability to look great and feel good all the time it just needs you to understand how to dress your own body shape. In dressing to suit your body shape I will promise you that you will look amazing and your confidence will increase twofold.
For each body shape their are the ‘golden rules'. One thing I say to all my clients is that you must dress according to your personality and lifestyle, be true to who you are!
The Apple
The apple shape carries weight around the tummy area which does not show a defined waist has big boobs, small shoulders with the most amazing set of legs
For a stylist there are many styles around where the tummy line can be disguised and a waist accenturated......I love showing my clients how amazing clothes can look on this shape.
Kate Winslet is a celeb who is an Apple shape.

This body shape is slim with small breasts and hips. Also known as the rectangle
No matter what your height a slender/athletic has a square silhouette and is quite muscular. Compared to the Hour glass and the Pear the ratio of fat to muscle is far less.
This body shape is one where most clothes look fab, you will tend to find fashion models are this body shape.
The object of a stylist like myself is to create curves and feminine softness for this body shape
A celeb with this body shape is Keira Knightley


The Pear  
This body shape is defined by a small bust, curvy hips and is usually bottom heavy. With the pear shape the shoulders are beautiful and shapely with a slim neck and great defined waist.
The aim in dressing this body shape is to rebalance the body line...this can be achieved for one by drawing attention to the shoulders
Celebs like Jennifer Lopez
Hour Glass ( The egg timer )
A wonderful curvaceous fuller figure. This body shape is beautifully balanced. A fuller bust, curvy hips, short waist and medium to wide shoulders.
One celeb who has this great shape is Halle Berry
The aim of  dressing this body shape is to show it off in all its refinery, show those curves baby!

Top Heavy
This body shape has a defined waist, small hips with a large bust. This bodys shape has a superb side and front profile with a wonderful rounded bottom.
For me I aim to bring attention to the bottom half to create balanced proportions

Celebs who are Top Heavy are Lindsay Lohan and Carmen Electra

So............which body shape are you? Please do let me know

All this week I will be giving you some hints and tips on some garments that will suit the body shapes...Tomorrow is the APPLE.

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