Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Feel good tips...just for you!

For me January is one of the worst months of the year and I don't think I am alone?

January is the month we worry about paying off the credit card bill, we look at our career and should/would we like to do something else, the skies are grey ( not today...the sun is out YIPEEE! ) and the evenings are dark and cold. These all result in us feeling pretty crappy and lacking our mojo!

 Here are my tips on how you can feel good;

1. Set yourself some Personal Style goals, what would you like to learn this season to help you look good and feel good all the time.
2. De-Clutter your wardrobe as well as your kitchen cupboards
3. Book a hair cut/colour or both, if you are like me then this is the best present to myself
4. Browse the high street for the new trends, see the lovely new styles and bright colours, even if you do this in your lunch hour you will be amazed how much you can see in a short space of time.Try H&M, Zara, Primark, Ted Baker etc...

5. Vist the cosmetic department in stores like House of Fraser and have a mini makeover with the SS11 colours

Don't try and do all the tips in one go....1 a day will perk you up feeling ready to take on the world!!!

Which one will you do first?

Love Lisa

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