Monday, 24 January 2011

Beautiful clothes for the Apple body shape

The Apple shape is  one of the hardest yet easiet body shape to dress. The aim is to disguise the tummy area but as this shape is blessed with great arms and legs you can draw the eye to these areas.
The aim is to bring the top and bottom half into proportion

I thought it might be nice to split my recommendations by age group so everyone can see an item of clothing that would flatter this figure. With all my recommendations these garments work brilliantly on the body shape but may not be your personality so just remember the shape of the item.

Over 20's
This great empire line dress is new this season from Oasis and is £45

Over 30's
This is a gorgeous 'Blouson' style shirt with lace detail from Miss Selfridge at £32. This would look great with a flat fronted pair of trousers or A line skirt

Over 40's

You will have to trust me but this dress looks stunning on the Apple shape, the eye is drawn to the waist with added ruching to disguise the larger tummy area..Stunning!
This dress is from Phase Eight and is £85

Also for the Apply body shape do you struggle with jeans?

Why not try this brand;

'Not your daughters' jeans, nicknamed the tummy tuck jean, these will revolusionise how you will feel in a pair of jeans. They fit not only around the waist but flatten the tummy line and fit around the hips;
The can be found in all John Lewis stores, prices start from £137 but a brilliant staple garment for your wardrobe.

So try - Flat fronted trousers or skirts...just remember don't add bulk where you do not want to add emphasis. Empire line, Blouson style shirts and all tops and dresses that have ruching at the waist area are fab too.
Wide legged trousers and a waistcoat that buttons just under the bust just look amazing.

All these items can be found on the high street which is brilliant too!

Which is your favourite? Which will YOU find most useful?

Love Lisa

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