Monday, 17 January 2011

De-Clutter your wardrobe

Do you feel it’s time to de-clutter your life, one of the best ways to start this process is to give your wardrobe a new lease of life.

If you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time, don’t panic you are not alone but it is time to de-clutter your wardrobe.

Whilst working with clients on a wardrobe revitalisation I have been told it has been therapeutic, refreshing and they can now see the wood for the trees when they open their wardrobe.

I have popped some suggestions below to help you;

Firstly allocate your clothes 3 piles, KEEP ( Revitalise ), CHARITY SHOP and RESELL THROUGH A SECOND HAND SELLER.
There are many businesses that have been set up where they sell your second hand clothes, they take 50% of the selling value and you get 50% which enables you to put this money towards some new high street brands to revitalise existing items in your wardrobe.
Look through each item and when you look at them think the following;

·         When did you last wear it?
·         Has it seen better days ie;stained, bobbled, stitching come apart etc?
·         Can it be brought back to life?
·         Do you like it?
·         Why don’t you wear it?
·         If you originally paid alot of money for a garment don’t feel bad about letting it go to a second hand reseller. Why keep it if you could get paid for removing it out of your wardrobe?
·         Does it hold special memories ie; Bought for the first date with your husband/partner – Do keep any of these items if you wish.

From answering these questions you will be able to allocate it to one of the piles as mentioned above.
In my experience there is a reason why we don’t wear something and it will be because we don’t like the colour or the shape of the garment.

With the items you keep now is the time to give some order to your wardrobe, I recommend you organise in the following way;

·         Coats
·         Jackets
·         Trousers
·         Tops/Shirts
·         Skirts
·         Dresses
·         Belts

Another tip for accessories is to either hang them on the hanger of an item you like wearing them with or add door hooks to the back of your wardrobe and pop them on there. This enables you to see your accessories all the time, they become another piece in your wardrobe.

I can guarantee this is a fun and exhilarating process and it will give you the opportunity to revitalise your wardrobe with some ‘on trend items’ from this season.

Lots of love

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