Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The affair is over, I've cheated!

Well......just when I thought it was safe to go out on my own to the shops, I walked into Primark today to be met with an abundance of goodies ranging from dresses, shirts, tunics, bags, scarves, jumpers and so much more.
I was given a very strange look by a member of staff as I think I may have been hyperventilating, here's what I found

This beautiful dress with chiffon sleeves with the most amazing beaded collar is just gorgeous

If you are looking for a litle shirt with a peter pan lace collar and cuffs this will suit you perfectly, the sleeves are chiffon and the main body is of jersey material

Vests are always quite tricky to find but I can highly recommend these, they are so soft, they have no seams and they are loaded with lycra so they will hold their shape and they come in so many colours.

And to accessorise I found this gorgeous chestnut shopper bag. I have already tried this out, it fits my Ipad, purse, filofax, phone and loads more
It is a great base neutral colour which will go with so many garments this season

And this was my all time favourite for casual look with jeans, This jumper has the most stunning gold zip in the back. I added in this pink skull scarf which is a real must have print this season.
I wore this to my childrens dance performance this afternoon and it turned some heads!

lots of love


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