Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Festival season!

Well, I have to admit I have never been into the whole festival thing....mainly because the thought of staying in a tent with no plug for my hairdryer and GHD's horrifies me!

BUT, I have to admit to loving the whole 'festival' fashion look and as there are so many great ways to keep your nails looking great and making sure your hair stays looking amazing for the time you are there that I may be warming to the idea.

Firstly the clothes this season are just wonderful, here are a couple of my favourites;

I love these shorts and floral vest top from Top Shop, team them with a pair of these fab Hunter pull on ankle boots because thanks to the English weather you may well need them!

By just having these 3 items in your rucksack you could just add different tops or a pair of kick flares to create a different look.

Or why not opt for this gorgeos Maxi dress by Joe Brown at Very

As many of you know I love 'Shellac' nails, the amazing manicure that lasts 2 weeks, if you want your nails looking nice for the festival season these are a must, your nails will look gorgeous. There are other alternative options that do the same job, such as Jessica GELration which are just as good.

Now this is the bit I have investigated for you, if like me, you have an obsession with clean, great looking hair I have found 2 great dry shampoos that I would highly recommend. Batiste dry shampoo is great. it will give you clean,fresh hair in an instant, my other is from Lee Stafford's range, this little can of Original dry shampoo gives your hair a boost.

I hope you have a fab festival season



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