Sunday, 19 August 2012

CeMe Luxury fashion brand

Exquisite tailoring, beautiful draping and ultra feminine designs epitomises CeMe London.

I was so lucky to come into contact with this fabulous brand, I just had to show you. These dresses and jumpsuits are perfect for any lady of many body shapes. Brilliant for those that carries weight on her tummy as the draping illusionises this area.
The wonderful fit is perfect for the Hour glass and Slender / Athletic as they really accentuate the natural curves of the hour glass and help the slender/athletic create those much wanted curves.
The maxi dresses love the pear body shape and the dresses with the lower neckine are great for those top heavy ladies.

The range if colours are amazing, from vibrant to muted from block colours to prints, I really believe you will find one you love.

Here's a sneak peak;

                                               Palloma natural peach pink maxi dress

Sophia blue animal print

Arabella bordeaux jumpsuit

Pop over to their website and see the wonderful range of dresses, tops and jumpsuits.

lots of love

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