Thursday, 2 August 2012

M & S rocking, yes really!!

I really love it when the seasons change and we get to see how the high street start to represent the trends from the fashion shows held earlier in the year.

One of the trends from the new Autumn / Winter season is what they are calling
Optical play, in my mind this is 'trick of the eye'
This trend has already been seen on the red carpet ( worn by Kate Winslett and many others and designed by the wonderful Stella McCartney ) as it is not only beautiful but very flattering.

These garments create an optical illusion by using blocks of colour to add interest and optically tease.

So, I was left a little shell shocked when I saw this gorgeous promo shot today and found out it is a new season dress from M & S, yes, you did read that right M & S!

I am thrilled to see M & S embracing the trends and I am also even more pleased that it should have a reasonable price tag for the majority of us

I am going to bring you more new seasons trends in the next couple of days so please do pop back.

Lots of love

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