Monday, 19 March 2012

Going all girly!

I'm sure as I'm getting older I have subconsciously decided it's time to look more feminine and girly.
Don't get me wrong I will always have a love affair with a pair of biker boots, jeans and a leather jacket but even I've amazed myself by how much I am loving the dresses this season, even my husband has noticed!!!!

Just take a look at both of these stuning dresses, both the same style just different colour ways.

I was one of the lucky mums to be spoilt yesterday by my 3 gorgeous children, the oldest whose 23 still left the card at his friends and my super 8 year old twins. We went to Wentworth for lunch so here's what I wore, I popped a red cropped cardi with the electric blue dress, black opaques and shoe boots. Would you believe not another coloured dress in sight!

I'm really quite liking being girly and the selection in the high street and the luxury brands is in abundance.

Who knows what I may purchase next?


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Emma Cossey said...

Ooooh where from where from?

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