Thursday, 23 August 2012

Lots of clothes, nothing to wear?

Does this ring a bell, I can guarantee when you read this you say either out loud or in your head........yep that's me?
You are so not alone, I can honestly say that every woman I have helped with a wardrobe wake up, wardrobe consultation or wardrobe detox they have called me because they feel like this, even I have felt like this!
The other image I love is this one, how many of you open your wardrobe every morning and feel like this, it may not look like this but very near to it.

I wanted to help you by giving you some tips on how to get your wardobe ready for the new season and how to make your wardrobe work for you with both your personality and lifestyle.
What I love is that each and every one of you will have a wardrobe that tells a story, it will tell which are your favourite style trousers, whether you like dresses or skirts, is your life more casual than work orientated and so many more intriguing facts like the personality you are.
For example; ladies that struggle to find the right dress will have none in their wardrobe but they will probabaly over compensate by having lots of trousers & shoes.
I know there will be items in your wardrobe that still have the labels on, are too big/small, you never really liked...maybe now is the time to do something with them and make space for new pieces to update your wardrobe and inject modern new season items.
As a firm believer that having a capsule wardrobe makes our life easy and helps us look stunning all the time here are my top tips for building your own capsule wardrobe;
The secret of having a capsule wardrobe is that all your items can be worn  as a standalone or with each other, trust me it makes life less stressful .
My wardrobe wake up tips are make 3 piles;
  1. Keep
  2. Charity / Swishing party . Re sell
  3. Say bye bye
  • If you have not worn something for a year and it is not seasonal then it needs to be lovingly placed in one of the above piles. There are some fab places who sell your clothes for you or you can advertise them yourself if good quality. You may get paid for clearing out your cool is that?
  • Keep items that look fab and that you can build on, these will be your base items ie; jeans, black trousers, jacket, skirt, dress etc
  • When shopping think of what you have in your new cleansed wardrobe and how any new items will go with that you have, think of colours, styles etc.
  • Accessories such as jewellery, belts and scarves are amazing and are wonderful to jazz up any outfit. I recommend to hang your accessories on your hangers in your wardrobe, that way they become another piece of clothing you see when you open the door. It saves you time!
  • Keep best neutral shoes/boots to go with everything but shoes with colour look amazing especially in the Spring/Summer months
I hope you are able to use the tips to breathe fresh air into your wardrobe. I can truly say it is great fun and you will feel great after a good clear out, let me know how you get on.
Lots of love

Sunday, 19 August 2012

CeMe Luxury fashion brand

Exquisite tailoring, beautiful draping and ultra feminine designs epitomises CeMe London.

I was so lucky to come into contact with this fabulous brand, I just had to show you. These dresses and jumpsuits are perfect for any lady of many body shapes. Brilliant for those that carries weight on her tummy as the draping illusionises this area.
The wonderful fit is perfect for the Hour glass and Slender / Athletic as they really accentuate the natural curves of the hour glass and help the slender/athletic create those much wanted curves.
The maxi dresses love the pear body shape and the dresses with the lower neckine are great for those top heavy ladies.

The range if colours are amazing, from vibrant to muted from block colours to prints, I really believe you will find one you love.

Here's a sneak peak;

                                               Palloma natural peach pink maxi dress

Sophia blue animal print

Arabella bordeaux jumpsuit

Pop over to their website and see the wonderful range of dresses, tops and jumpsuits.

lots of love

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Midnight Blues

Dress by H & M

Following on from my last few posts on the new season trends I wanted to show you how so many of our favourite trends are rolling over, they are just being worn slightly differently.

I love how new trends create a modern look to our wardrobes but please don't be a slave to the trends, use them just to keep your look up to date and fresh 


Another trend rolling over from previous seasons, this gorgeous colour has the ability to look stunning ,elegant, chic and casual all in one. To achieve this trend look for rich deep blues in modern shapes.
lots of love

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Fur frenzy

Autumn/Winter 2012/13 is seeing some of the trends carrying over and I love the fact fur has remained an exciting texture into this new season so don't throw away but maybe just change it a little to ensure it is up to date for your look this season

Fur again!

Seen last Autumn/Winter season I am so pleased to see the fur making a return. This season you will see them as the focal point to your outfit.

For the hour glass, pear and slender/athletic body shape the fur waistcoat is a must this season, it will be great as we are seeing them worn with a belt to accentuate the waist.

The waistcoats will vary in length and warmth so opt for the one that suits you.

The lovely picture above shows how wonderful detail at the sleevs just adds that little bit of wow to your outfit.

I for one will be adding a little fur luxury to my wardrobe next season.

lots of love

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tasty Tweed AW12/12

I'm going to have a real problem this Autumn/Winter season, I am known for not really having a specific style other than one where I am incredibly comfortable during the day. This season plays right inot my hands and I can honestly say I am so excited as I love nearly all the trends and am already wishing the summer away and the cold weather to come so I can get on wearing it!!!

Here is another sneak preview into another look you will see in our lovely high street stores. I have already seen the most beautiful wool tweed blazer in Primark.

Downtown Abbey
The dramas influences can be seen in the following catwalk references: country tweeds, lace, pearls, cloches, dainty tied shoes, mid-calf silk dresses, dropped waists, subtle velvets, three piece-suits for women and the return of hosiery. 

lots of love

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Splash the Colour AW12/13

Whilst browsing my twitter this morning it is so apparent that we all just hate the dark grey skies and the chill in the air. It puts quite a downer on our we layer up, do we take a coat and even an umbrella. Isn't it just amazing how the sun really makes us feel like smiling and those around us?

So, I for one am really pleased to see from the AW12 catwalks beautiful splashes of colour,  brights on brights, powerful block colours worn in head-to-toe matching combinations.

You will see these colours in dresses, coats and trousers....what a great way to brighten a dull Autumn day.

The shops are now starting to fill with the new season collections, which one will be your favourite look this year?

lots of love

Thursday, 2 August 2012

M & S rocking, yes really!!

I really love it when the seasons change and we get to see how the high street start to represent the trends from the fashion shows held earlier in the year.

One of the trends from the new Autumn / Winter season is what they are calling
Optical play, in my mind this is 'trick of the eye'
This trend has already been seen on the red carpet ( worn by Kate Winslett and many others and designed by the wonderful Stella McCartney ) as it is not only beautiful but very flattering.

These garments create an optical illusion by using blocks of colour to add interest and optically tease.

So, I was left a little shell shocked when I saw this gorgeous promo shot today and found out it is a new season dress from M & S, yes, you did read that right M & S!

I am thrilled to see M & S embracing the trends and I am also even more pleased that it should have a reasonable price tag for the majority of us

I am going to bring you more new seasons trends in the next couple of days so please do pop back.

Lots of love
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